Straight cut

NEW Black Diamond

Dressage Saddle

The new Black Diamond Dressage saddle is the latest addition to our collection.

  • Constructed without skirts to give a close contact feel and a higher cantle for a deeper seat
  • Shoulder gussets for increased freedom
  • Soft moulded knee pads
  • A discrete diamond of Swarovski crystals adds a stylish finishing touch to a beautifully crafted saddle.
Straight cut

Straight cut

General Purpose Saddle

The Straight Cut General Purpose Saddle is our most popular model.

  • Provides comfort for horse and rider
  • Suitable for most disciplines, hacking, schooling, riding club
  • Often used by endurance riders
  • Available in 16 ½” to 18”
Foward cut

Forward cut

General Purpose Saddle

  • Suitable for most disciplines but popular with riders who like to do more jumping
  • Forward cut on the flaps allowing the rider to shorten stirrups for jumping
  • Larger knee rolls
  • Available 16 1/2" to 18"

Dressage Saddle

The Dressage Saddle is the star in our collection. We are very proud of our professional dressage saddle.

  • Constructed without skirts to give a close contact feel
  • A deliciously soft seat and soft moulded knee pads complete the luxurious comfort of this saddle. As with all our saddles the horse can move with freedom of the shoulders and carry the weight of the rider on broad panels thereby spreading the load
  • You can look forward to sitting trot in this saddle

Working Hunter Saddle

Straight cut saddle for working hunter, showing or even a little dressage

Jumping/Hunting Saddle

  • Forward cut traditional jumping saddle
  • Designed to give horse and rider comfort over a long day in the saddle

Suede Showing Saddle

  • Designed to really show off the horses shoulders
  • Gives the rider a soft and secure seat
  • Especially liked by children
  • Can be made with either a wool stuffed panel or a thin foam filled panel

Optional Extras

Optional extras can be added to any of our saddles.

  • Shoulder gussets to give more freedom to the shoulders.
  • Moulded knee pads give soft padding to the knee rolls and a neater appearance. (Both are standard on the dressage)
  • Suede seat or knee pads.
  • Complete suede covering

Our Services

Teversal Saddlery produces a classic collection of beautiful bespoke saddles whilst also providing a personal and friendly service.

Saddle Design

The Tree

The tree is the heart of every saddle, get it wrong and the saddle will never be right.

Teversal Saddles are built on our own exclusive tree, designed to spread the weight of the rider over the maximum safe load bearing area of the horses back. An open head gives freedom to the shoulder and wither area. Extra broad points also reduce pressure. Stainless steel stirrup bars are set further back than on traditional trees, placing the riders leg under the centre of gravity.

The Leathers

Teversal Saddles use the finest English tanned butt leather and soft panel hides. Available in black, dark havana and chestnut.

The Flocking

The flocking is pure white new wool giving a springy resilient panel.

Saddle Fitting

Teversal Saddlery not only creates bespoke saddles for the individual horse but also provides a saddle fitting service.

Your horse will be measured and assessed at the initial visit and the rider's requirements discussed. When the saddle has been made we will return and check the fit and watch the horse being ridden in the new saddle. A new saddle often needs the flocking adjusted after the first six to eight weeks, this will be done free of charge within the first three months of purchasing a saddle. At Teversal Saddlery we are always willing to alter the fit of your saddle for a small fee if your horse changes shape.